Are you an enthusiastic creative person with a desire of self-development and professional growth? Are you open to new challenges and experiences? Then the best offer for you is to travel to China, world economic giant, and get an opportunity to know this country inside while working there and getting paid!

You get a great chance to participate in “Teach and Travel China (TTC)” Internship Program or intern at international organizations and companies. Just imagine unforgettable 4 months as a professional in a huge developed country! You test your own abilities, learn new activities, acquire working experience together with getting close to Asian culture, genuine Chinese language, yummy food, friendly co-workers and traveling to the top-places!

You get a paid teaching position at local Chinese Schools including weekly Chinese language lessons and engaging in other cultural activities on holidays and weekends. In addition, you receive a completion bonus at the end of your internship program.


Program dates

“Teach and travel China (TTC)” runs during the spring and fall semesters approximately four months each. You can participate during the spring semester (March 1st to June 30th) or the Fall Semester (September 1st to December 30th). You also have the option to renew your contract to add another semester. Besides there are opportunities during summer holidays with lots of fun activities at summer camps. Applications are accepted all year round. We will assess your application for the nearest program period in time.

In summary, priority dates are:

  • Spring semester: March 1st to June 30th
  • Summer camp: mmid-July to mid-August
  • Fall Semester: September 1st to mid-January.

Application process – EASY&QUICK

Participants need a Business “F-visa” valid for up to six months. Our company assists you with the process of applying for a visa.

You need ONLY 4 SIMPLE STEPS before your internship starts:

Online application > Getting confirmation and invitation letters > Applying for your visa > Coming to China

(1) Online application:Complete the online application form. After review we prove your suitability. Invitation letter and other confirmation documents will be sent to you by email or post.

(2) Business “F-visa”: Take your invitation letter and other official documents to the nearest Chinese embassy in your home country and apply for a Business visa (F-visa). Our company will be in touch with you and guide you throughout the process.

3) Communication:We are always available to answer all your questions and give advice and we encourage you to keep in touch as well. Once you have made your traveling arrangements, you should mail your time of arrival and means of transportation and we will confirm your pick up details.

For more specific information please contact us.


The program admits native English speakers, preferably from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. It is also possible to employ a non-native English speaker with a good command of spoken English. No other qualifications are necessary; however, it will be an extra advantage to have one or more of the following: university degree/university student, teaching degree, teaching experience,

ESL, EFL, TEFL or TESOL certificates.

Teaching highlights

For some participants teaching comes as naturally as it sounds but for others who have never entered a classroom this can appear to be quite daring. With absolutely no teaching experiences, you can still have tremendous fun and impact on your young students’ language skills. Our company provides a brief training, teaching resources and advice to help you make the most of the teaching experience. Teaching ESL in China focuses mostly on conversational English and as a fluent speaker, you have nothing to worry about. Literally, you will be like an ambassador of your culture and the Chinese students are always excited to learn from you. You will get socialized and make friends easily.

Intern benefits:

ü        Free orientation upon arrival which covers awareness, preparation and coping with a culture shock and possible problems, and a short training on teaching Chinese students.

ü        Free weekly basic Chinese language lessons.

ü        Salary: paid monthly.

ü        2500 RMB completion bonus that will be paid at the end of the internship contract.

ü        Private apartment provided with utilities (phone, Internet, air conditioner, stove, refrigerator, water heater, etc.).

ü        Free minor medical treatment in the school clinic.

ü        24/7 online support by our staff.

Do not hesitate to start and BROADEN YOUR TINY WORLD right now!