A YEAR of professional development

A YEAR of self-improvement

A YEAR at a well-paid position with devoted and respecting students

A YEAR of experiencing everyday life in China with your own eyes

A YEAR of endless opportunities…

What can be even better?


Why you are needed

Chinese educational system needs more and more foreign teachers to improve students’ oral English and inspire their interest in learning English. NaWen International welcomes enthusiastic and fun-loving English speakers to fill numerous teaching positions around mainland China.

With the necessary qualifications, there are many positions for you. Our company will assist you throughout the process of applying for a Work “Z-visa” and residence permit for a one year renewable contract.

What you get with us:

ü       Job placement at a Chinese School

ü       One year renewable contract (download standard contract)

ü       Monthly salary between 6500 RMB to 7500 RMB (depending on your experience and skills)

ü       Free accommodation near your School

At present our company has over 60 cooperative schools and training centres all over China. Here are some of the most famous:

Datong Foreign Language School

Weifang Foreign Language School

Weifang Binhai International School

Lucheng No.1 High School

Jiujiang Experiment High School

Sanmenxia Foreign Language School

Guangxi Qinzhou Foreign Language School

Shiyan Foreign Language School

Yizhou No.1 High School

Zibo No.1 High School

Jihua Middle School

Souguang Centry Middle School

Luohe Experiment High School

Zhengzhou Guancheng Foreign Language School


Program dates:

Applications for the Work in China program are accepted on a rolling basis. However, peak periods are usually for September and March semesters.

China Work (Z) Visa requirements:

> TEFL course (60 hours minimum issued in an English speaking country)

> BA Degree or higher in any field of studies

> 2 years post graduate work experience in any field

Work visa application process – 3 simple steps

Our application process usually takes THREE WEEKS, but can be speeded up if necessary.

Online application > Submit supporting documents > Apply for your visa

(1) Online application form: Complete the online application form. After review, we will prove your suitability and match your profile and preferences to an available job position.

(2) Supporting documents: Your qualifications and any other supporting documents will enable us to prepare an official invitation letter from the Chinese government education department. Your invitation letter and other official confirmation documents will be sent to you by email or post.

(3) Work visa “Z - visa”: Take your invitation letter, other official documents and your supporting documents to the nearest Chinese embassy in your home country and apply for a work visa (Z - visa). Our company will advise concerning what documents you need to take with you to the Chinese embassy.

We encourage you to keep in touch and are willing to answer all your questions. Once you have made your traveling arrangements, you should mail your time of arrival and means of transportation and we will confirm your pick up details.

For more specific information please contact us.

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