Nawen International is a leading international cultural exchange enterprise dedicated to promote cultural exchange and professional development through work, internship and volunteer exchange programs in China. 

We focus on providing TESOL training program, Internship programs and recruiting ESL teachers to work in Chinese schools. Our staff is young and active and they put in extraordinary efforts to provide the best services and ensure your satisfaction in our programs.

Why work with us?

An exceptional way to experience life:

There is no better way to experience China than living and working here. You get the opportunity to experience firsthand the day to day life of a typical Chinese and the satisfaction that comes with improving local Chinese student’s language skills as well as improving your professional skills and network.teach5

Guaranteed Job placement: Even with our internship or volunteer program you still get paid. Our placement comes with a competitive salary of up to 5500-7000RMB/month depending on the program. 
Free private accommodation with internet, TV, air conditioner, hot shower, washing machine and western style toilet.
A chance to explore with little or no financial burden: With china’s cultural history and ancient relics dated back to over 5000 years, you have the chance to explore these with your own eyes hazel free without much financial burden as you earn.
We organize travel expeditions to some places of interest such as the Greatwall, the Tai mountain and much more. You can equally do some volunteer teaching in local village schools away from the crowded and big cities where you get to understand the lifestyle of the typical traditional Chinese. 
We offer special Mandarin & Culture lessons twice a week for free.
We provide you with all the assistance and support needed before and after you get to China including visa application process, pre-departure orientation and guidance, pick-up upon arrival and orientation before program commencement. 
Continued help and support for your daily wellbeing: You may want to book a ticket to travel, shop, or open a bank account; we are always available to provide assistance to help out with your daily needs. 

Useful links: 
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